Jeanne Jacob

«Tu vois je m’occupe de tes oignons»



Bienvenue dans le monde de Jeanne Jacob. The artist from Biel paints, performs and writes. In doing so, she examines networks of relationships, power structures and inequalities. In close collaboration with her, 7er Studio has created the monograph «Tu vois je m’occupe de tes oignons», which is just as compact and dazzling as Jacob’s work. The publication –released by Verlag für moderne Kunst – combines letters, paintings, drawings, notes, texts, images of performances and photographs from the studio. An index, complemented with hand notes by Jacob, provides an overview. And to her latest exhibition «I just truly want to listen to you and myself genuinely, please doudou» at the Centre d’art Neuchâtel, 7er Studio refers with a removable poster.

Book, 250 pages, 11.5 × 16.5 cm
French and englisch
With inlaid poster
Offset print, open thread stitching
Verlag für moderne Kunst

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