7er Studio was founded by Eva Wolf and Basil Linder. After studying at the Bern Academy of the Arts, they gained valuable experience at m-d-buero in Zurich and Velvet Creative Office in Lucerne, among others, and have been self-employed since 2019.

7er Studio stands for high-quality and expressive visual identities in the fields of editorial design and corporate design, with a focus on fonts, illustrations, websites, posters and books. Basil Linder and Eva Wolf bring design to the point for their clients with backgrounds in art, culture, architecture, NGOs or the private sector.

They pursue a content-oriented and editorial approach, find freedom in reduction and range in playfulness. They prefer subtle humour to noise and captivate with details. The duo is skilled in meticulous research and conceptual thinking. Their joint work resembles a dialogical ping-pong; collaborative processes take place at eye level with all participants. Depending on the assignment, they work together with their well-developed network of programmers, photographers and copywriters.

Eva Wolf and Basil Linder are happy to receive enquiries.

Wasserwerkgasse 2, 3011 Bern
+41 79 740 96 25 (Basil)
+41 79 901 75 69 (Eva)

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