Reger Bern 2023

Corporate Design


On the occasion of the 150th birthday of Max Reger, events focusing on the composer and conductor of the late Romantic period will take place in Bern throughout the year. The series is called «Reger Bern 2023» or RB23 for short. The specially developed typeface «Rex Mager» guides the reader through the printed products and the website. It is accompanied by illustrated hands that pick up on Max Reger’s wide-ranging activities: conducting, making music, writing and composing.



Selina Ursprung, Wash and Fold

Editorial, Poster


Illustrator Selina Ursprung spent the beginning of the pandemic observing laundromats around the world via publicly accessible surveillance cameras. In close collaboration with her, 7er Studio developed a layout for the resulting work «Wash and Fold». In the book, published in English and German by edition clandestin, lyrical text and illustration meet in an everyday poetic symbiosis.


Forum Raumordnung Schweiz



The «Forum Raumordnung Schweiz» deals with space and quality of life and is a critical voice in the discourse on spatial planning and architecture in Switzerland. «Orte für Menschen» was created for this purpose. Published in Italian, French and German, the booklet functions on the one hand as an appeal for a reorientation of spatial planning with a focus on people’s needs, and on the other hand shows how such a reorientation could be implemented, using the example of Glarus Nord.


elpos Schweiz

Corporate Design

Since 2020

For the ADHD organisation elpos, which is active throughout Switzerland, 7er Studio established a new corporate design, launched a redesign of the logo in 2023 and regularly produces print products. Examples include the member magazine «elpost», which is published three times a year and contains articles on the topic as well as an event calendar for the whole of Switzerland, or the brochure «ADHD – What now?». The illustrated mascot Lou guides readers through the brochure with empathy and humour.


Children’s Relief Bethlehem

Editorial, Periodicals

Since 2021

For the international relief organisation Children’s Relief Bethlehem, 7er Studio designs the annual report as well as the quarterly published magazine «Blickpunkt Bethlehem». It resembles a small newspaper and informs readers about the activities of the organisation. In addition, various printed products such as cards and administrative documents are realized. The corporate design was developed in cooperation with Velvet, followed by a redesign of the periodicals and print products by 7er Studio in 2023.


Tutti – Musik in Berns Kirchen

Website, Periodical

Since 2019

«Tutti – Musik in Berns Kirchen» is the joint concert calendar of Bern’s organists. It represents the diversity of the rich-in-tradition and local organ music. 7er Studio has designed a website for Tutti with an event calendar and a fold-out concert programme that is published every six months. In addition, a city map refers to around a dozen venues and readers can find facts and numbers on church music in Bern.



Migo & Buzz, Warte uf ds Meer

Album Artwork


Migo & Buzz released their fourth album «Warte uf ds Meer» at the end of 2021. And 7er Studio designed the artwork for the nationally renowned rappers for the second time after «Partys im Blauliecht 3». It includes the album cover for digital distribution and vinyl as well as posters and flyers. The artwork is based on the installation «Palma de Mallorca 2021» by Linus Lutz, photographed by Alex Anderfuhren.


Christmas special Berner Kulturagenda

Typeface, Illustration


As it does every year during the festive season, the «Berner Kulturagenda» launched a Christmas special in 2022. For this purpose, the BKA editorial team wrote entertaining horoscopes in the form of event tips, which 7er Studio placed on a double page. The central element is the specially designed «Liftschrift», which is used in two versions. The page-filling illustration is also unmistakably penned by 7er Studio and shows a fictitious 13th zodiac sign on its way to the zodiac entrance exam.


Jessica Jurassica

Corporate Design


Jessica Jurassica is a fictional character, an artist, and has with time expanded into an overflowing, interdisciplinary and multimedia project. A corporate design by 7er Studio has grown into and along with this multi-dimensional concept. Black-and-white photographs and a striking typeface give this fictional character a strong foundation that supports and bundles her work. (Portrait Jessica Jurassica: Olivia Talina Fosca)



Ruven Stettler



For Ruven Stettler, 7er Studio has brought the artist’s extensive body of work into a manageable order online. The result is a website that makes it possible to browse through an archive of drawings, paintings, installations and video works, either chronologically or filtered by groups of work. The focus on the image and a sparse use of text make the extent of the work tangible on a visual level.